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Obelisk Tours’ interactive faith and historic exploration app of British tours for iOS and Android devices is the very best way to enjoy your travelling experience.

The Best Value Walking Tours of London and Britain – in the Palm of Your Hand

Whether you are out exploring London and the great British cities; discovering the villages and countryside that make Britain a much loved green and pleasant land; or in the comfort of your home far away, we want you to fall in love with Britain… time and time again.

That’s why, unlike other tour apps, access to the Obelisk Tours downloads you subscribe to never expire unless you change your device. In fact, our app of British self-guided walking tours will be updated to keep each tour factually accurate if notable events occur or new points of interest are added to our route.

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Short taster tours give you a great feel for the depth and insight our professional guides and authors have to share with you.

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for iOS and Android operating systems. Obelisk Tours is the only guide you will need to many of Britain’s best loved locations and UK landmarks.

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of interactive, insightful historic tours round major sites and those a little further off the beaten track. In addition, Obelisk Tours offers the only faith-specific tours to better understand the pioneers of faith and the journeys they took.

Obelisk Tours ­Great British Tours on Your Mobile Device

Obelisk Tours helps you explore the depth and breadth of Britain’s amazing heritage from the convenience of your mobile device. Use our expanding collection of UK tours to enhance your visit and see Britain in a whole different light.

These in-depth interactive tours of locations across London and throughout Britain, written by highly experienced guides and authors, provide substance and entertainment at the UK’s tourist hot spots as well as locations off the beaten track.

From the hustle and bustle of London’s Trafalgar Square to the peace and tranquility of the village of Downham, Obelisk Tours invites you to jump past the superficial appreciation and immerse yourself in the soul of each place we take you.

Discover the history of London: the people, places and events that have shaped much of the modern world. Oxford: the city of dreaming spires and a legacy of literature. Liverpool: the bustling maritime city and cultural home to the ill-fated S.S. Titanic. Learn of religious struggles and freedoms that have spread far and wide from humble beginnings in the heart of industrial Lancashire; of Kings and Queens, plotters and sinners, wartime heroes and mythical creatures.

Factual and enlightening, Obelisk Tours allow the whole family opportunity to explore and enjoy with fresh perspective the gems found on London’s streets and in Britain’s backwaters.

We delight in bringing alive Britain’s rich heritage

Follow us down country lanes, alleyways, and courtyards to discover hidden delights.

Understand the significance of names, events and people.

Uncover the quirky, the funny and, sometimes, ridiculous customs of the British people.

Enjoy Britain’s deep and passionate love for the written word.

City of London boundaries marked by rampant silver dragons

Join us on the wonderful journey that is Obelisk Tours of Britain ­- the premier UK tour app experience for Apple iOS and Android devices.

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