literary Links” – Harry Potter in Oxford

3 years ago

Literary Links” is a series of posts celebrating Britain’s wonderful links with great authors, dramatists and poets. A number of Christ Church College locations were used for filming the Harry Potter movies. The old cloisters provided the backdrop to Harry being shown his father’s Quidditch trophy. The stairway up to the Dining Hall was used as the entrance to Hogwarts where Professor McGonagall informs the new students they are about to be sorted into their houses. Christ Church decided to not use the Sorting Hat for the selection of their students. Two other scenes were filmed on this staircase: when Filch, the caretaker, catches Harry and Ron arriving late, and when Harry has a flashback of Dumbledore talking to Tom Riddle.   Even though the Dining Hall was not used for filming it was the inspiration for the Hogwarts’s main hall. You can easily imagine floating candles, moving pictures, flying

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Beautiful buildings of Oxford built using locally sourced Headington Stone

12 Fascinating Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Oxford

4 years ago

The city of Oxford proudly holds the position as one of the most attractive tourist places in the UK. Understandable given its beautiful architecture, fascinating culture, historical accolades and stunning scenery. From the fame of Oxford University being the second oldest surviving University in the world, right through to its popularity as a film location, featuring in movies such as Harry Potter, there is so much to discover in Oxford. Aside from these more obvious endearing landmarks that draw many tourists to the area, there are many ‘hidden’ and often unknown facts about Oxford City that show a new light to this fascinating area.     England’s Forgotten Capital! Amongst Oxford’s many accolades is that it was once the capital of England. During the English Civil War, from 1642 -following his expulsion from London by the Parliamentarian forces lead by Oliver Cromwell – King Charles I held his forces on

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