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Tours Guides’ Submissions to Obelisk Tours App

Are you a tour guide or author?
Would you like to submit your work for inclusion on the app?

Obelisk Tours can transform your tour, your book, or your research into a tour for apps that can be downloaded on to mobile phones, iPads and Android tablets.

The tour has its own Sat Nav to guide visitors with GPS enabled devices every step of the way; along with photos, text and audio to bring the tour alive.

This modern way of guiding allows you extend the scope of your own advertising reach and to be giving tours 24/7.

Obelisk Tours recognises your value as a guide, so the cost to create your app tours is borne by us. Contact us today to discuss how we may bring to life your work through an Obelisk Tour.

St Paul's Cathedral, London

New Markets. New Approach.

Obelisk Tours can rebrand you as a modern tour guide. We help you take your years of research and offer it to a whole range of new markets in a digital format.
If you want to learn more click here to download our Invite to Tour Guides

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