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St Paul's Cathedral, London in the sunshine

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Obelisk Tours offers free bite-sized sample tours to give you flavour of what to expect
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Interactive and enlightening, these self-guide British tours for Apple iOS and Android devices are the very best way to enjoy your travelling experience.
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St Paul's Precincts, London

Free Tours in London

St Paul’s Precincts: Distance 0.75 miles (1.19km)
This free circular tour around St Paul’s precincts includes some of the history of the Cathedral (although does not go inside), but its main focus is to explore the Cathedral precincts bringing to life statues, archways, gardens, buildings and hidden corners.

Emerging from the shadows of history are memorials to the Blitz, John Wesley, and Thomas Becket. We discover the founding of the YMCA, the home of the book burners, the extinction bell, and St Paul’s Cross. Other curiosities include an ancient misplaced archway, a vanished market and a 150 million year old statue!

Whitehall sample: Distance 0.5 mile (0.8km)
This free sample is part one of a two part circular tour 1.4 miles (1.75km) in length around Whitehall: now the very heart of British Government.

This short yet intriguing tour takes in lost palaces, the home of the Bobby and the Ministry of Magic as prelude to the full tour that finds the obvious government buildings such as the Ministry of Defence, Downing Street, the Foreign Office, and Scotland Yard; but also discovers lesser known spots including hidden tunnels, Dover House, and Richmond Terrace.

in the full tour we learn about touching for the King’s evil, Maundy money, the Divine Right of Kings, a royal execution, the wheels of Fortune, an amazing wine cellar, tennis courts, cockpits and jousting.

We visit the death place of Sir Robert Peel, the busy home of Gertrude Barbara Rich Tennant, and where Charles Dickens, as a 12 year old boy, had his “Very best” glass of ale.

Liverpool Pier Head

Free Tours in Liverpool

Pier Head: Distance 0.75 mile (1.2km)
This free tour of Liverpool’s Pier Head unveils how this huge port became the world’s busiest trade centre and “one of the nineteenth century’s greatest success stories.” As we wander around the Pier Head we will discover the rich history behind this area and its buildings as well as finding horses and kings, museums and memorials, a church and a vanished dock, a canal system and a tunnel.

Preston churchyard

Free Tours in Lancashire

Preston Flag Market: Distance 0.5 mile (0.8km)
This free tour explores centuries of change around Preston’s Flag Market. We find the remnants of Bull baiting, the stories behind the ancient Obelisk, the religious meaning behind the Lamb and the Flag, and the transformation of the Shambles. Our tour discovers the majesty of the Harris Museum and the Age of Pericles, the ‘skyscraper’ of Preston, and Edwardian grandeur.

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